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Tag: where can i get treatment for hiv/aids

04 Dec

Herbal Medicines Has A Very High Tendency To Destroy The Human Organs (Lives In General)

It’s very easy for the human organs like the liver and kidney that performs most of the important roles in the human body to be destroyed by the uncontrolled and non-standardized intake of herbal medicines flying all around. It is in view of these, that we must all ensure that customized herbal medicines confirmed to […]

04 Dec

Who Else Has Something To Say About Orthodox Medicine Vs Traditional Medicine As It Relates To Hepatitis, Cancer and Other Diseases Today?

Orthodox medicine has remained the most useful means of treatment in the last 6 or 7 decades & has overall scored a staggering 90/95% effectiveness in the management and treatment of health related issues as well as the sustenance of human lives. Cuts of essential human parts or organs which would have been left to […]

05 May

Halamin Celebrates Her Natural Foods In Grandstyle

Sure, we deserve to celebrate with you for these awesome results you keep getting from eating with us. Does this seem like something confusing to you? No. It shouldn’t. A few months ago, one of our very lovely friend(names withheld), was so worried and he called our consultant on +234 7037693593 at about 11:00 pm […]