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Your Health is Your Wealth | Halamin Herbal Centre

Staying Healthy With Halamin Herbal Products

10 Feb

Staying Healthy With Halamin Herbal Products

“Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy wealthy and wise” – Benjamin Franklin

What Are The Problems?

• Lack of attention to one’s health

It has been observed many times that a lack of attention to one’s health is one of the most common reasons why people die from health related deaths. This is one of the major causes of deaths especially among the middle age across the world.

There are instances when the individual starts observing some symptoms which could be external or internal, rather than see their physicians, they ignore it. The resultant effect is that, over time, this experience tends to increase sporadically to a state of irreversibility. These include all diseases, especially with the most deadly ones.

• More Diseases are cropping up without cure

Today, as compared to the past, there is an astronomic rise in diseases of various symptomic characteristics that has left the medical field clueless and bathling to find solutions without results. Unfortunately, while those efforts are ongoing, people are dying daily for these reasons.

• Cost of treatment is increasing Daily

Another heart breaking reason is the unimaginable rise in the cost of treating a whole lot of diseases that plaques humanity. For most underdeveloped countries, the solution has become increasingly international interventions with the cost being unbearable for the common man.

• Access to treatment is poor

While the common man has resolved to use the available medical and health care facilities within their reach, it has become even more difficult to access these facilities including the handlers as Government institutions are not helping matters with payments of salaries and improvement of facilities that will enable the handlers to put the equipment to use. We have in recent times heard about how a common gas equipment has led to the loss of human lives in many hospitals. It is also disheartening that the overall effect has started affecting the usual excitement of practitioners in discharging their duties where necessary.

Very sad indeed.

There Are Reasons:

While it is important that the reasons are not farfetched and are very glaring to the common man, we took time to point out some of the major devastating reasons here.

• Unavoidable Distractions and It’s Ever Increasing Desire For Attention

As we continue to grow as a people, there are certain unavoidable responsibilities that continue to stare us in the eyes on a daily basis. One of which is the most important – Money.

Many adults today want to keep up with living a beautiful life and taking care of their family members so much that the distractions of health symptoms until they fall totally to the disastrous effect of those mild symptoms they neglected earlier. Resulting in their untimely deaths.

We may not be able to blame humanity for this as competitions are also an increasing factor in our society today, leaving most adults to continue to remain in the center stage of active work to ensure they keep up with the demands of family and friends.

• Due to negligence, complications have increased

Another factor for the unhealthy and untimely deaths is the negligence factor by many adults. There are actually signs or symptoms for most diseases before it gets out of hands. It is important to also state that most diseases that result in untimely deaths actually have cure but because they are ignored or neglected, they over time build up to such states of irreversibility, hence it becomes too late when it strikes because it combines a whole lot of effects resulting in complications that seem very difficult for a particular treatment to be adopted.

• Local treatment is poor & international treatment needs more money

While the common man would concede to exploring the local treatment for their ailments, results have shown that over 80% of the victims are left at the mercy of these health facilities available and for many, the desire to explore international treatment becomes the case. But the challenge with this is the availability of the needed resources to deal with this challenge hence the unavoidable loss of lives. It’s a good thing that most media companies are exploring public funding for individuals to fly them abroad, but how much of this can impact in the lives of the millions of people needing this support. They can only do less. Above all, the cost is quite expensive.

• Due to lack of resources and researches

Last of the reasons is that while the medical field experts are willing to explore researches and facilities needed for the treatments of patients, it is obvious that the funding gap for this exercise has great limitation to actualize this path.

It will shock you to know that there are many health challenges that have only a few health researchers with results that can help in the cure. But because it requires the relevant authorities to also carry out same research before endorsing the claims of the private researchers, we’ve been left hanging in the air as to whether we should use the products of the private researchers. The worst part is that the same authorities who are supposed to carry out research to ascertain the claims of the private researchers would rather go public to disclaim the claims of the private researchers without doing their own due diligence. This is grave practices and has affected lives.

These Solutions Can Help:

In view of the above mentioned, there is a way out and it is about time to start using these ways.

Our solutions are hinged on the popular saying of Benjamin Franklin:

“Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy wealthy and wise” .

While there are problems, there are solutions too, because there is no problem that isn’t without solutions.

A few years ago, there are a few international business people who discovered the huge market in Africa considering our population and health issues. These businessmen decided to bombard us with a handful of Food Supplements with claims for the cure of various diseases.

You will be shocked to know that while some of these claims are near the truth, over 97% have little or no effect in the cure of diseases.

We will not want to talk much about this as to avoid demarketing of people’s business. But it is also important to state that, health issues have only two methods of curing it. 1. Artificial (Cutting & Chemicals) and the other is Natural (Herbs, Sunlight, Air, Exercise, Water)

The effects of the former have always been devastating as it takes away from the body system, unlike the later that replaces, reforms or rejuvenate the body system.

We have put together a few suggestions for you to explore. And we urge you to act now. Do not wait until it gets worse.

• Halamin Herbal is founded by Pharmacist Ben Amodu

Pharmacist Ben Amodu as he is popularly known has been in the health research and practice for more than three (3) decades and still counting.

He founded the Halamin Herbal Center in view of the increasing challenges as mentioned above.

As a trained pharmacist who has devoted most of his life time to Phytomedicine Research owing to the fact that our forefathers lived totally on Phytomedicine (Herbal Medicine) and were very strong and lived much longer than the current age.

There are many other support team members working with him on this vision led practices. And the results have been tremendous. This is why the immediate past NAFDAC DG, decided to request the legislation of Phytomedicine by the National Assembly which has its bill increasingly receiving attention.

Amodu has reeled out more products for the cure of many diseases and the results of its administration have proven beyond doubts, that going back to herbs is just our best option.

• Usually, the cause of the ailment is traceable to complications that are identified as hormonal imbalance – Our drugs recreate your system

When diseases attack a system, the first effect is to disorganize the hormones responsible for the protection of the various organs or systems of the human body. This is called an imbalance of the hormone, thus rendering it to look away from the causative agents of diseases.

Halamin Herbal Products have that creative and defensive effects of restoring, balancing and recovering lost hormones of the body system to ensure it starts performing as normal as it ought to.

This is only possible with the use of certain herbs that can be found in tropical regions of Africa.

However, for the fear of destroying organs especially the liver that enables filtering and digestion of foods injected into the system, we have stepped up scientifically determining the exact quantities of these herbs to be taken into the system, thus avoiding overdose.

• Cost is cheap compared to other methods

As compared to treatments home and abroad, our drugs are very cheap and affordable to the extent of its long term effects when compared to treatments by the common institutions we tend to use.

For example, in the treatment of Cancer, using chemotherapy, it can be observed that while that is very high in cost, its effect is rather damaging than a cure.

Our cancer drugs are repairable in effect. No loss in cells or organs. It replenishes your system and brings back the normal form of your body organs.

Evidence over the years has proven beyond doubt that currently, the only and best cure for Cancer is Herbal Medicine.

• We are constantly researching and improving on our drugs to suite current ailments

As one of the most reliable phytomedicine experts today, we are constantly researching and improving on the production of our herbs so as to ensure we live up to standards with the continuous demands for health matters.

It is, therefore, no doubt why our patients who have been cured have consistently referred people to us.

And we are definitely living up to expectations with our resilience to reach out to as many as possible.

• Maintain your health consistently with the use of Halamin products

Why wait until you are down with an ailment? Early to rise, they say, makes a man healthy wealthy and wise. And in furtherance to this saying, you would agree that prevention is better than cure.

To this end, it is therefore important that you take care of you at every point in time. Do not let the organs go weak, or totally destroyed before taking necessary actions to avert untimely deaths.

With Halamin Herbal Products, you can not only treat ailments of any kind but also be able to prevent any unforeseen health issues that may invade your system.

Taking a few of our products can help you stay protected from any disease causative agents.

Many people are benefitting from the use of these products and we think you should take advantage.

Do you want to consult with us? It’s Free of Charge.

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Please share this message with a friend at least and get someone some help they may never get to know until you act.

Do have a pleasant new week ahead.

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