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I’ve malaria, cancer, HIV/AIDS cure — Pharmacist Ben Amodu

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I’ve malaria, cancer, HIV/AIDS cure — Pharmacist Ben Amodu

Barrister Ben Amodu, is a herbal farmer and a researcher, who owns a herbal farm in his hometown, Omala Local Government Area (LGA), Kogi state, has been into herbal research and farming for 30 years. In this interview with AJUMA EDWINA OGIRI and TOPE SUNDAY, the Industrial Pharmacy graduate, from Ahmadu Bello University (ABU), Zaria, talks on his research drugs that “can cure all diseases”, his international recognition and rejection by the Nigerian government.

WHO and SAABMAAL Malaria drug
In one of the panoramas on national television, I told them that I was going to modify one of my products called SAAB, to treat and cure Malaria. To live up to that expectation, I went ahead and did my local research, and today I have a one-day cure for Malaria, SAABMAL.

It is also a cure for typhoid. Not only that, it is an adjuvant in the treatment of cancer, sickle cell, arthritis and other diseases.
When we did the research and it was successful, we sent our publication to a United States based publisher, and this publisher without talking to us, leaked to the World Health Organisation (WHO) that there is a Nigerian who has developed a one-day cure to malaria.

WHO instantly became interested, obtained our abstract from the publisher, reviewed the abstract, approved of it and sponsored four of us to the United Nations (UN), to present this discovery. The entire presentation was reported and broadcasted on National television.

After broadcasting the discovery made by a Nigerian on the national television, no government official called me; the President of the country, the minister and the permanent secretary.

Yet, that time, Nigeria went to china to obtain artemisinin annua, a Chinese plant that has properties for the treatment of plasmodium falciparum; which is the main causative agent of malaria.

Land clearing alone by Nigerian government in preparation for the plant totalled N3.6 billion. Whereas, I sat down here, did a local research and discovered a material that can eradicate plasmodium falciparum from the human system at 97 per cent.

No other malaria active ingredient has been discovered that has this power on malaria. Another thing it does asides curing malaria, is to prevent malaria.

Even the WHO vaccine, that is being tested now, can never come near SAABMAAL. As I speak to you today, SAABMAL has been registered in South Africa, we are just waiting to do clinical trial.

The Indian journal of medical research, which is over 140 years old, published my discovery of SAABMAAL. But Nigeria cannot stand up in the committee of nations to say that this is what our own person has discovered, even after it has got to this level, rather they pretend like nothing has happened.

They prefer to patronise those ones that have been rejected and abandoned in other countries. You push these abandoned medicines on a continuous basis. We want our own Nigerian medicine. We have our Nigerian medicine that can stand neck to neck with any medicine anywhere in the world, and even surpass them.

United State endorsement of SAAFAAT6
Some American scientists visited me and went to my laboratory to pick 10 of my products for cancer. The went to America and started the analysis. The analysis was to find out if my SAAFAAT6 could cure cancer of the colon.

They set up a test for it, and in the test, they saw that the medicine was doing well, and also discovered it could cure cancer of the lungs. At the end of the test, the medicine came out 89 per cent effective in the cure of both cancers.

They did not stop there; this discovery was presented to a gathering of over 18,000 American scientists. SAAFAAT6 was presented as a lead discovery. And for the first time in the world, a food material could be referred to as a chemotherapeutic agent.
The reaction it gave in those cancers, especially cancer of the lungs, made them to refer to it as a chemotherapeutic agent in the report.

As a result of this cure of cancer of the lungs, we now have cure for asthma.
There is nowhere in the world that asthma can be cured, but as I speak to you right now, I cure asthma one hand, because asthma is a disease of the lungs.
Cancer of the lungs is the highest disease of the lungs. Asthma becomes small in the presence of cancer of the lungs. So, when we combine SAABMAL and SAABFAT6 we cure Asthma. There are so many asthma patients that I have cured.

When this government came in, I wrote a letter informing the minister of science and technology of our discoveries, only to hear that Nigeria wants to manufacture pencil in the year 2018. What is the comparative advantage we will have in the manufacturing of pencil?

Cancer of the lung, cancer of the colon and cancer of the breast, this is how they rank them in the world. 1.8 million people get cancer of the lungs and cancer of the colon annually, and the mortality rate is 1.6 million. This is why they started the analysis with these two cancers.

As God will have it, a Nigerian has discovered a product that deals with the two most dangerous cancers in the world, and the Nigerian government does not seem to do anything about it, rather they look the other way.

I was given an award in 2012 as African researcher of the year, in Arab hotel, Dubai, for my singular discovery for the cure of hepatitis A,B,C,D, E and F.

Politics and importation of herbal drugs
You can easily link politics and importation of herbal drugs. Is money for malaria not coming? Unknown to them, those monies are being monitored. They were stolen and traced to officials’ accounts in England.
We are in an international environment, so those things will continue to play; other countries will continue to bring their goods, whether good or bad.

There is a market for herbal medicine in the world; about $100 billion, and we will be a major player. But because of the lukewarm attitude of our people, we have not been able to benefit anything. They will continue to import from all those countries because people’s interest varies.

If we work hand in hand, the consumer who wants to buy will find out the potency, and once he knows it is potent, he will abandon the Chinese medicine and buy the one that will give him benefit for his money.
Most of my products have 70 per cent effectiveness, either in blood pressure, diabetes, cancer among others. I don’t do it with quacks, I do it with the Nigeria Institute for Pharmaceutical Research and Development (NIPRD).

NIPRD is a WHO herbal medicine centre of excellence. So, you can now understand why we are following WHO guidelines.

I also have herbal drug that can cure HIV/AIDS. As a scientist, I don’t want to shout yet until the volume is large. My salad materials which I worked on can revive and bring a HIV/AIDS patient, who is in a critical condition, back to life. A lot of people are also maintained on my Blood Pressure (BP) drugs and they are doing very well.

Research focus
My research is communicable diseases, which deals with HIV/AIDS, hepatitis and tuberculosis. The second branch is non-communicable diseases, which are diseases that we must grow into as we age, and they include: cardiovascular diseases exemplified by high triglycerides, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke, chronic kidney disease, cancer, athsma, arthritis and ulcer.

These diseases are the number one cause of death in the entire world. According to 2008 WHO result, 51million people died all over the world and 36 million of the deaths is due to non-communicable diseases.
Yet, we have the solution for all the communicable and non-communicable diseases, have we not captured the world?

With the far-reaching research we have done, we have been able to tame and cure diabetes and high blood pressure.
There are a number of staphylococcus patients I have cured. Staphylococcus, you know, has no cure in the world. In fact, the government of UK said they needed $100 trillion to discover the treatment for staphylococcus.

I do not diagnose anybody. My job as a pharmacist, is to ensure a doctor must have seen patient and put the patient on certain medications.

If those medications are not working and the patient comes to me I ask for the patient’s medical report before I give medication. I do not condemn the doctor’s prescription; the patient uses my drugs along with the doctors’ and there are no side effects.

If he or she notices the general weakness of the body he used to have has disappeared or the sugar level has normalised after he started combining with my drugs, then I will tell him to drop the other drugs.

Advice for government
Nigeria has serious health crisis, and look at our population; very big, over 170 million. My advice for the government is that we are open to the treatment of communicable diseases, which can be used to diversify the economy, and we are willing to partner with government to achieve the diversification with our products.

Most of the things we are doing have been pre-reviewed, and is in line with scientific principles of best practices. So, there is nothing we are doing here that is not in line with best practices.

  • Date: February 10, 2015
  • Client: Johnson Group, US
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