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Pharmacist Ben Amodu Bags Lifetime Achievement Award

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Pharmacist bags lifetime achievement award

Pharmacist Benjamin Amodu was recently conferred with Lifetime Achievement Award by the African Leadership Magazine.
Amodu has done research and developed drugs that can manage or cure a lot of sicknesses. Some of his drugs have gotten approval from the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC).

Speaking with Daily Sun, Amodu noted that knowledge is the fortress that protects mankind from the tyranny of ignorance adding that ignorance was the dagger that pierced the soul of truth.
“For a man to fight for freedom, then he must strive to know. For he that knows, understands the way to liberty in expressing what he wants. If the paths to freedom are blocked by the tyranny of force, at least he still has a say and he will always be heard. Thus, knowledge is the light of freedom and freedom is a child of justice for justice is a pendulum that swings the banner of truth. But for a man to move from one stage to the other, then the realities that formed his character in decisions and actions must move from the status of tolerance to the zeal of change.”

Benjamin Amodu is a name to behold, but the man Ben Amodu as known today is an episode in the page of Nigeria Pharmaceutical history. It may be a vain venture for one to try planting a tree where grasses do not grow. But here, we have a man who has grown whole forest of change in a field where change is conservatively static and social order is defined by primordial identity. His compromise in life goes beyond the fear of the unknown, rise above the conception of divinity and sometimes flow in the opposite direction of popular culture.
Saddened by the consequences of avoidable deaths in Nigeria as precipitated by the incidence of wasting diseases like cancer, diabetes, tuberculosis, ulcer, sickle cell anaemia, this man deprived his body to satisfy his mind. In the search for knowledge and in the practice of wisdom he faced the challenges of unusual contradictions, common only to those who seek the truth in form and order, drawing analysis on the way things appear and the way they really are. The character he bears in high value does not hang on him on temporary contest, but dwelled in him on permanent contract.

In the purity of his thoughts, the freedom of his imagination and the vindication of his conscience he found great fulfillment that transcends beyond mere judgement of material evaluation. To him, success does not lie in the judgement of the eyes but in the contentment of the soul. To a king who acquires much, same to a servant who has naught. He considers happiness as the soul of achievement, this he found in the dawn of his aspirations, when the light of fulfillment illuminates the path of his dream.

The story of Ben Amodu is that of prolific creative achievement, versatility and resourcefulness coated in absolute wonders and admirations. How else can you describe the life of this man who in the unquenchable thirst for experience is today an authority in the pharmaceutical, legal and administrative world? In calculated strides, this man combined all these with natural intelligence to carve a niche for himself in the circle of nation builders. You therefore cannot deny him the firm understanding of the legal implications of different policies and their effects on the civil service. His understanding of the political system in Nigeria tied to a solid understanding of the Nigeria healthcare delivery system and its component element and a very vast experience in the Federal Civil Service adds to his excellent understanding of the public sector rules and procedures in Nigeria.

With great number of strides in pharmaceutical research and development, Amodu can be said to be an enigma going by the landmark achievements in undertaking research in herbal treatments/management for HIV/AIDS, sickle cell anaemia, ulcer and tuberculosis, a treatment from food for lowering BP which has powerful libido enhancing effect and a powerful multi-herbal preparations for treating diabetes, including the management/treatment of the following diseases, malaria, menstrual irregularities/pain, menopausal symptoms, cancer, fibroid, hypertensions, diabetes, pain and all pains in associated diseases, diseases of unknown origin, general wellness; healthy state maintenance, stress, sleep disorder, low vision, vitality, prostate enlargement, anti-aging etc. all clinically certified by the National Institute of Pharmaceutical Research and Development (NIPRD).
It is worth noting that Amodu has developed 12 anti-cancer recipes and a malaria vaccine all with Nigeria’s origin with Igala indigenous herbal combinations which are undergoing the scientific analysis at National Institute of Pharmaceutical Research and Development, Idu, Abuja. A discovery that is getting global recognition, especially with the recent invitation by the World Health Organisation/African Network for Drugs and Diagnostic Innovation (ANDI) where he presented his scientific breakthrough at Addis-Ababa, Ethiopia.

  • Date: February 10, 2015
  • Client: Johnson Group, US
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