Here Are Symptoms of Gonorrhea and Nature’s Healing Ways

Here Are Symptoms of Gonorrhea and Nature’s Healing Ways

Here Are Symptoms of Gonorrhea and Nature’s Healing Ways


In women no symptoms may ever appear. When they do, there may be vaginal discharge, frequent and painful urination, abnormal menstrual bleeding, acute inflammation in the pelvic area, and rectal itching.

Symptoms generally appear 7 – 14 days after sexual contact.

In men, symptoms are generally present (including difficult and painful urination, a yellow discharge of pus, and mucus from the penis).

Symptoms generally appear 2 – 14 days after sexual contact. The discharge continues 6 – 8 weeks.


As with Syphilis, the effects of gonorrhea keep getting worse. The secondary stage is difficult to detect; so it is often misdiagnosed as arthritis. The gonorrhea is entering the bones, joints, tendons, and other tissues. This causes mild fever, aches, inflamed joints, and sometimes skin lesions. In men the outcome can be sterility.

As long as 10 years later, the urethra may narrow or stricture; this makes urination difficult and at times impossible, producing serious inflammation of the bladder. This occurs more often in men than in women.

Women who unknowingly contract gonorrhea from their husbands, generally do not realize that they have the disease until it is far advanced. The infection can travel up the uterus, into the Fallopian tubes, and out into the abdominal cavity. This causes peritonitis and possibly death. If that does not occur, the tubes may eventually seal off. This is due to pus pockets of infection and pain, causing sterility.


Gonorrhea is caused by a micro-organism, called Neisseria gonorrhoeae. These are the bacteria are commonly known as gonococci.


First, see your physician.

  • Go on a cleansing program. Drink lots of lemon juice. An entire changeover to a good diet and way of life is required.
  • Go to bed as soon as you know you have this disease. Have the room well-ventilated. Go on a cleansing program of fruit juices. Take 2 high enemas daily. Eat nothing that is irritating to the stomach.
  • Take beta-carotene (150,000 UI daily) and ½ tsp. Vitamin C powder, every hour to bowel tolerance, during the acute phase. Later reduce it to 5,000 mg daily, for a month.
  • When you begin solid food, only eat simple, nourishing fruits and vegetables. Later include whole grains, nuts, and legumes.
  • Avoid refined, starchy, fried, and saturated fat foods. No meat, dairy products, caffeine, tobacco, or liquor.
  • Here is a tea with which you can wash the sores: myrrh, goldenseal root, witch hazel, chickweed, and sorrel.
  • Drink 3 cups of the following tea daily: skullcap, hops, white oak bark, uva ursi, sage, poplar, redroot, and juniper. Take 2 high enemas each day.
  • A tea of red raspberry leaves and witch hazel leaves can be used as a douche for women, including after each urination.
  • A tea of one part aloes and two parts each of goldenseal and myrrh can be used as a wash on the sores and ulcers. Drink at least one quart of slippery elm tea daily. It can be mixed with fruit juice.
  • A warm sitz bath, 2 – 3 times daily, will give relief from the pain. If there are pains in the legs or elsewhere, apply hot fomentations.
  • For acute gonorrhea, mix black willow, skullcap, and saw palmetto berries. Steep a heaping tsp. of the mixture in a cup of boiling water for ½ hour. Take 2 Tbsp. 6 times daily. In addition, use herbs required for treating syphilis as well.
  • Keep in mind that all this work will be a waste of time and energy if certain lifestyles changes are not made.


Finally on this, it is still important to state that no ailment as a matter of fact should be seen as an end point to life’s existence. The body has all it takes to naturally cure any disease. Nonetheless, it must always be serviced to have that capacity to heal itself. Hence there is the need to always feed on natural foods.

The advantages are way far from the disadvantages.

Here, at Halamin Herbal Center, we take pride in helping people treat these diseases and many others using our purely concocted herbal mixtures. No additives, No side effects, no abnormal experience that will affect daily lives.

Some of the diseases our Halamin Herbal Capsules cure include but not limited to Hepatitis, Cancer, HIV/AIDS, All Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Diabetes, Hypertension, Arthritis, Typhoid, Malaria, Prostate, Allergies, Asthma, Mouth Odor, Breast Related Diseases, Breathing Difficulties, Diarrhea, Fatigue, Gastrointestinal Infections, Cirrhosis of the Liver, Kidney Infections, Cramps, Fibroid, Ulcer, Depression, Insomnia, Weight gain/loss, Hemorrhoids, Hernia, Lack of Menstruation, Impotence, Weak Erection, Leukemia, Ovaritis, Hyperactivity and many more.   

Besides, we try to educate on various health challenges/issues and how to treat it using alternative medicines.

Where necessary, you could either reach us through our various contacts here to get any of our products to treat your case in case you do not have all the time to go through these measures.

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Here Are Key Symptoms of The Nine Leading Kinds of Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Here Are Key Symptoms of The Nine Leading Kinds of Sexually Transmitted Diseases


(STD Sexually Transmitted Diseases)


Here Are Key Symptoms of The Nine Leading Kinds of Sexually Transmitted Diseases:

HIV (AIDS): Night sweats, unexplained weight loss, fatique, headache, swollen lymph glands, vaginal yeats infections, whitish coating on the tongue and inside of the mouth (thrush), diahrrhea, lungs infections.

Chlamydia, women: Burning sensation when urinating, itching, painful intercourse, white vigania discharge (like cottage cheese). Men: Often there are no symptoms. Possible clear, watery urethral discharge.

Candidiasis: Both sexes have itching in their genital areas and pain when urinating. Women: Thick, odourless vagina discharge.

Genital Herpes: Itching, burning in the genital area, discomfort during urination. A watery vagina or urethral discharge. Weeping, Fluid-filled eruptions on penis or in vagina.

Genital Warts: Soft, growths (Like cauliflower), either singly or in clusters in and around the vagina, anus, groin, penis, and/or scrtum.

Pelvic Inflamatory Disease, women: Pus-filled vagina discharge, plus fever and pain in lower abdomen.

Trichonomoniasis, women: Itching and pain in vagina. Foamy, greenish or yellowish, smelly discharge. Men; Clear urethral discharge.

Gonorrhea, women: Vagina itching, frequent and painful urination, and a cloudy vagina discharge. Inflamation of the pelvic area, rectal discharge, abnormal uterine bleeding. Men: Yellowish, pus-filled urethral discharge. Both sexes: Very often (Especially in women), there are no symptoms.

Syphilis: A sore on the genitals, sores in the mouth or anus. A rash, patches of flaking tissues, sorethroat, fever.


Veneral diseases are transmitted by intimate contact, when at least one has had more than one partner. STDs can cause urinary track problems, sterility in women, and prostatic inflammation in men.

At the present time, one teenage girl in four has a STD.

Some of these diseases can kill new born babies.

People who smoke or chew tobacco are three times as likely to contact an STD.

Oral Contraceptives: This also increase the STD risk. They do this by decreasing levels of key nutrients within the body. Because of their inbalancing oestrogen content, they also increase a likelihood of precancerous lesions.  

We are living in an STD health crisis; it is rapidly increasing every year.

Condoms do not guarantee protection against any STD. A University of Texas research study showed that 30% of the time they do not even protect against AIDS, one of the worst killers of all.

Many STDs are increasing, due to the fact that the AIDS epidemic weakens the immune system and reduces resistance to many diseases.

Strong doses of antibiotics are the usual medical treatment; but an increasing amount of drug resistance is occurring among patients.


  • The only genuine protection is abstinence.
  • Follow a very cleansing liquid diet for 3 – 7 days. During acute stages, take one each of the following juices daily: potassium broth, fresh carrot juice, vegetable drink, and apple/parsley juice to alkalize.
  • Follow the liquid diet with a cleansing fresh foods diet. Avoid refined, starchy, fried, and saturated fat foods. No meat, dairy products, caffeine, tobacco, and liquor.
  • Take Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Flaxseed Oil daily.
  • Fever Therapy is also a Powerful step to take; but you need to do it under the supervision of someone who knows how to watch temperature closely and reduce it as needed.  This is excellent for controlling virus replication. Even slight increases in body temperature can lead to a considerable reduction of infection.


No ailment as a matter of fact should be seen as an end point. The body has all it takes to naturally cure any disease. Nonetheless, it must always be serviced to have that capacity to heal itself.

In Halamin Herbal Center, we take pride in helping people treat these diseases and many others using our purely concocted herbal mixtures. No additives, No side effects, to abnormal experience that will affect daily lives.

We try to educate the public weekly on various health challenges and issues.

Where necessary, you could either reach us through our various contacts here.

In the coming days, we shall be taking each of these diseases and discussing them for the purpose of specificity and knowledge on the exact issues as well as natural methods required in dealing with each of it.

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Seasons Greetings From All of Us At Halamin Herbals!!!

Yeah! Seasons Greetings From All of Us At Halamin Herbals!!!

Don’t Be Surprised That This Is Coming At This Time. Do you know why?

It’s Intentional because we want our regards for you to last longer since all the rush to wish you a good one has come and gone.

We are hopeful, that this will stay in your thoughts for many months to come.

Dear Friend,

  This indeed a New Year and we in Halamin Herbal Center must start by thanking you for the opportunity to relate with you through the Year 2018.

Indeed, without you we are nobody.

In view of this, we are writing to let you know that we are back to the office and in the coming days, we will be reeling out more information that can help guide you and your loved ones through the year in terms of your health and other important and meaningful information. Of course, we love to share fun and rib cracking jokes and articles that will give you some reason to think even better.

Remember, we are not here to scare you but to give you the hope and feel that while Health is important, fun is also a necessity.

After all, “All Work & No Play, Makes You A Weak & Dull Person.”

We are always happy to hear from you especially when it has to do with how we can better improve on our services.

Some updates for you to know:

We are currently updating our Website, and other social media platforms to ensure we reach more people in a more protective way.

We are also making other plans necessary to ensure that we offer the best of services to you no matter the distance.

Finally, we would like to inform you that while we try to do our best to give you a better service, you must also be aware of fake drug traffickers who parade in our name and our products nationwide to defraud people of their hard earned income. Beware of them.

Let us know how we can make life better through our services to you in the coming days by simply posting a comment here or replying to this message.

Best of the Years ahead & Happy New Year To You and Your Loved Ones.

From All of Us At Halamin Herbal Center.


Discover 27 Ways To Treat Hypertension Naturally

Are you tired of taking orthodox medicines that leaves you restless, weak, and scared of the next triggering effect of the disease known as Hypertension?

Well, I think I can guess accurately about your thoughts on this fast killer disease (Hypertension).

First, you can’t even fathom how it came about. Probably genetic or environmentally related. It happens, so don’t feel like it’s damnation to your life.

You’re tired of taking those pills daily forever, isn’t it?
You have tried several tradomedicinal approaches and it just never gets you out of the hook.

The pain associated with this Fast Killer disease today has been of very great concerns.

The trauma of having sleepless nights even when you want to sleep, the consistent headaches especially at the forehead that makes you feel like that part should be cut off and thrown away, the effect on your sight (making every vision blurry as if your eyes are covered with veils), the difficulty in breathing that makes you wake up in shocks at bedtimes and you become scared of sleeping again for fear of dying from suffocation or loss of breath, the rapid pulse (irregular heartbeat even when you’re not exercising), the constant feeling of weakness and restlessness(confusion), heavy chest pain, pounding in your ears, chest, head, and the feelings of dizziness are gruesome signs that your state of health is not at all normal or in its right state.

This is common today among adults and for a lot of them, they’re not aware until it strikes (death).
Unfortunately too, in the past, it used to be a disease associated with ages from 50 and above, but the experience today has changed a lot. It’s now affecting even people in their late 20’s. Sad, how this has emerged over time.
Actually, this is one disease that gulps a lot of money in its treatment using orthodox medicine or the various supplements you come in contact with all the time.
Let me simply give you the 14 best ways to treat this and you will never have to see a Doctor or take an orthodox medicine again.

But first, you need to know what this disease is and the causes: This is the first step to curing yourself ones and for all.

Hypertension otherwise known as High blood pressure occurs when the pressure of blood flow through the arteries is higher than it should be, and that pressure consistently remains higher.

A blood pressure gauge (sphygmomanometer) registers two readings: The first and higher one is the systolic; the second and lower one is the diastolic. The diastolic pressure occurs just before the heartbeats and is less important for determining blood pressure. But the systolic pressure reveals the pressure built up as the heart pumps blood out of the heart into the aorta (and thence through the arteries).

High systolic pressure indicates that the cell walls are hardened and/or plaques are forming in the arteries, which are narrowing the passageways.

Average normal systolic blood pressure in an adult varies between 120 and 150 millimeters of mercury and tends to increase with age. The arteries of older people tend to harden and thicken with age and this produces the higher readings in later life.

The age, in relation to the figures, tells a lot: Systolic readings of 140-150 at 55 to 70 years of age need not be considered high; but, occurring in a man of 30, it points to a definite problem, which needs attention.

Normal blood pressure readings for adults vary from 110/70 to 140/90 while readings of 140/90 to160/90 or 160/95 indicate borderline hypertension. Any reading over 180/115 is far too high and requires urgent attention.

The hardening and clogging produce changes in the arteries, which produce hypertension, and are caused by aging, emotional stress, food, overeating, and heredity. Tobacco is another cause of hypertension, as is the taking of oral contraceptives. Drinking coffee or tea, drug abuse, and high sodium intake is other causes.

Hypertension can result in coronary artery disease, enlargement of the heart, or strokes. The acute infections (such as tonsillitis, scarlet fever, and typhoid fever), or focal infections from tonsils or teeth, sometimes lead to Bright’s disease (a kidney disease), which is accompanied by high blood pressure.
Sudden attacks of convulsions in pregnant women (eclampsia), and other kidney diseases of pregnancy, usually cause high blood pressure.
Primary hypertension (about 90% of the cases) do not have a direct cause. The rest (secondary hypertension) occurs as a result of other diseases.
At any one time, about 10% of people have primary hypertension. It affects over half of all people over 65 years of age.
The black race tends to have it more. Those who are 18-44 have it 18 times more often than the whites. Women have hypertension less often than men until menopause is over; then, soon after, they have it as often.
Heavy snorers are more likely to have high blood pressure than silent sleepers.

There Are 27 Natural Remedies You Can Use To Cure It
1. Stop the habitual overeating, even of good food or balanced diet. It causes hypertension.
2. Avoid or cut down on excessive protein foods, sweats, rich pastry, and desserts.
3. Do not use salt; this is essential for lowering blood pressure. Read the labels: Avoid foods with elements of salt in them. Many foods contain sodium. So when you want to buy a portion of food, look out for elements of salts, for example, things like “salt”; “sodium”; “soda” or “Na” on the label. Also avoidMSG (monosodium glutamate), baking soda, saccharin, soy sauce, diet soft drinks, preservatives, meat tenderizers, and softened water.
4. Only drink distilled water.
5. Eliminate all dairy products, for they are high in sodium. And you do not need sodium.
6. Do not use processed meats or canned vegetables.
7. Stress, fear, anger, and pain increases blood pressure. Adequate daily outdoor exercise helps reduce the effects of stress.
8. Eat a high-fiber diet. Include oat bran; it appears to be the very best type for the purposes you have in mind.
9. For oil, take 2 tbsp. flaxseed oil daily.
10. Don’t use animal fat of any kind; it is best to avoid meat since there is so much of it in meat.
11. Do not eat chocolate, alcohol, avocados, aged cheeses, and yogurt.
12. Include supplemental calcium in your diet.
13. Avoid more than 400 units of vitamin D daily.
14. Drink fresh vegetable juices.
15. Garlic definitely lowers blood pressure. Actually, it tends to normalize it. In those with low blood pressure, it raises it. Fresh, raw garlic is the best.
16. Obtain sufficient rest at night; do not eat later than several hours before bedtime.
17. Do a pulse test in order to ascertain offending foods you are allergic to.
18. If you are pregnant, check your blood pressure regularly.
19. Do not take antihistamines.
20. Do not take supplements containing the amino acids tyrosine or phenylalanine.
21. Keep your weight down! Loss of weight lowers blood pressure. If you are overweight and have high blood pressure, you would do well fasting one or two days a week.
22. When the situation is critical, special care must be given to produce successful recovery: Adequate rest, both physical and mental, is needed, though mild exercise is beneficial to those with moderate hypertension. Even the visits of friends and relatives may have to be restricted or prohibited for a time.
23. Gradually start mild exercise. Walk out-of-doors and gradually (slowly!) build up the amount of time spent in outdoor walking.
24. All blood pressure medications tend to have negative effects. Moderate exercise, rest, sleep, and proper diet will provide better help.
25. No vigorous or tonic hydrotherapy, or even massage, should be used. The neutral bath and complete bed rest is needed.
26. One recommended program is fruit and rice, alone, for 1-2 weeks.
27. Spend time watching movies that interest and can make you laugh and have fun. Work without play makes you dull – Remember that?

You need to ensure you start doing these things now.
Well, for those who want help from our Herbal Center, you can get this cured in less time and without going through so much.

Please contact us via WhatsApp, Text or Calls on +234 703 769 3593 and get yours delivered to you wherever.
You must attend to your health fast after reading this information.

Guess what?

Imagine how you would feel taking care of your health for your loved ones.

It’s sad that this very ailment has become one of the most prominent causes of death in recent times.

Take care of you.

13 Reasons Why You Should Fast While You’re Sick

Most often, sicknesses are signs that the body has accumulated some waste and needs to discharge these wastes so as to allow for replenishment.

Unfortunately, while that is known as a natural way of life, there is a negation as sciences have rather decided in the use of chemical drugs to control the effects and symptoms.
Fasting is, therefore, a quick way to help in the discharge of these waste and stands to play very important roles in healing.

Fasting removes cellular waste from the skin and mucous membranes. A sufferer from the irritation and inflammation of hay fever or asthma can get relief by a properly managed fast of 7 – 10 days, followed by a correct diet. A deep-seated disorder, such as arthritis or inflammation of the joints, may require a longer period of fasting for relief.

Individuals with poor kidney elimination may be troubled by mild or severe symptoms of uremic poisoning during a stringent fast because urinary wastes thrown off by the tissues are more poisonous than bowel wastes. They may irritate the kidneys and bladder.

1. It can help to stop addictions for medicines/drugs, smoking or alcohol users and its long term effects in the body
2. Can cure skin ailments of prolonged duration, such as psoriasis and other forms of eczema
3. Can cure Bronchial asthma in individuals who had been sick for over a decade. Patients should alternate with a properly chosen diet
4. The chronic disease complex called arthritis (even when many joints are immobile and deformed) responds well to fasting
5. The younger the person fasting, the faster the healing experience, no matter the ailment
6. There are conditions that may require many months due to long years of abuse. In this case, increase the fasting and get healed faster
7. Short fasting for diabetes mellitus is important and can go a long way to reduce the incidences in patients and also prevent you from having it
8. Can prevent cold in children and adults
9. Prevents dangerous complications like mastoid infections or middle ear diseases
10. Excellent for stomach ulcer patients. Best is to use raw vegetable salads. This works quite well during fast.
11. Best method of healing for early stages of cancer. A more stringent approach can help late stages of cancer too
12. Best for weight loss or obesity in the early stage too.
13. Prevents general disorders if taken consistently.

With this, every individual requires fasting as often as possible.

Herbal Medicines Has A Very High Tendency To Destroy The Human Organs (Lives In General)

It’s very easy for the human organs like the liver and kidney that performs most of the important roles in the human body to be destroyed by the uncontrolled and non-standardized intake of herbal medicines flying all around.

It is in view of these, that we must all ensure that customized herbal medicines confirmed to have been produced by experts in the field are allowed to the market for humans to have easy access to it.

In furtherance to this, researches done as well as approvals by the foods and drugs agencies of the country where these medicines are produced must endeavor that these products has its approvals before allowing human consumption so as to prevent the unusual cases of damages to liver and kidney that has become a scourge in the last few decades since the outburst of herbal medicines to the open market.

In Halamin Herbal Center, we’ve always advice against the indiscriminate use of these products owing to the dangers associated with it.

Here is a case of a young man who had obese and wanted to treat it badly.

Of course, no young man or woman would appreciate having his or stomach looking bulky. It spoils the looks.
As much that most people wouldn’t like it, it is best to ensure that it is not worsened by the intake of some uncontrolled and standardized herbs.

Our friend who is now late ended up feeding on all kinds of herbs that would allow him to discharge feces believing that it would help him much.

Alas, the reverse became the case.

He developed some complications in the kidney and before we could realize it, he was dead. In less than 4 hours of his death, the stomach had swollen thrice the size before his death.

These are the adverse effects of taking such treatments unguarded.

To this end, it is our sincere advise that before the intake of herbal medicines, always ensure it is coming from the right research centers and has the approvals of the foods and drugs administration.

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Who Else Has Something To Say About Orthodox Medicine Vs Traditional Medicine As It Relates To Hepatitis, Cancer and Other Diseases Today?

Orthodox medicine has remained the most useful means of treatment in the last 6 or 7 decades & has overall scored a staggering 90/95% effectiveness in the management and treatment of health related issues as well as the sustenance of human lives.

Cuts of essential human parts or organs which would have been left to heal on its own otherwise referred to as surgeries and of course poisoning of the human body organs or system through the use of chemicals also known to be taken in form of oral medications and/or injections as well as poisoning through radiation are the major enemies of mankind.

After a long and thorough conversation with Professor Ben Amodu (A Lead Researcher in the discoveries of the treatment of Hepatitis, Cancer and HIV/AIDs with the use of bitter leaf and other plant materials) at the Halamin Herbal Center.

This is what we gathered and you should also know about too.

The overdependence of the present day generation on orthodox medicine is one of the major reasons why lifespan for both men and women has continuously reduced over the years to between 45 and 55 years on average.

We should be focusing on creating traditional health management solutions through the use of herbal products which largely are extracted from roots, tubers, seeds, leaves, and stems of plants.

Let’s take a close look at these scenarios between two Hepatitis patients who were both subjected to the two methods of healing available today.

We would identify these patients as A and B.
So, imagine Patient and Patient B were both diagnosed of having Hepatitis B and were both subjected to the two different methods of healing.

Patient A was subjected to the use of chemicals also known as orthodox medicines (Please permit me to withhold the names of the orthodox medicines used).

While Patient B was also placed on herbal products which include the use of a mixture of bitter leaves, sesame seeds, blackseed pepper, and others well concocted and void of any adverse effect.
These patients were both placed on the healing methods for 6 months.
These are the observations for both patients after 6 months;

• Consistent dryness of the throat
• Discharge of some whitish mucous from the tongue and mouth every morning
• Pains around the right ribcage
• General body weakness
• Blur vision
• Weak erection and loss of libido
• Seizure in the multiplication of the virus (viral load)
• After 9 months, the virus tripled

Patient B noticed totally different experiences. In fact, almost all the opposite of what Patient A experienced. Some of which included;
• A high increase in the libido
• A clear, pure and clean discharge of urine
• The disappearance of the pains in the ribcage
• General activeness of the brain and body response
• High level of strength every morning as he wakes up
• Very clear vision
• Moderate sugar level
• Moderate blood pressure
• Increased appetite for food and water
• 6 months later the virus became inactive and
• 9 months later there was no trace of the virus in the blood
This means that the patient had tested negative to the Hepatitis B virus. Whereas as for Patient A, the system apart from the increasing viral load count, became susceptible to various ailments with symptoms closely related to HIV/AIDs.

The world has since relegated Traditional medicine to the background due to the cumbersome task of getting the herbs mixed together and of course the knowledge of which mix would do the job.
It is in view of this that we are calling on both individuals and the stakeholders of the health industry to encourage the use of traditional medicines.

In the same vein, we are advising you to consume more vegetables, fruits, natural water, tubers, seeds, of plants.
Indulge in exercises at least 4 or 7 hours a week and watch what happens to health.
It doesn’t matter if you are plagued with HIV/AIDs, Cancer of whatever types, Hepatitis of any kind, Fibroid, STDs, Just name it.

Over the years, our researches conducted have proven that humans who depend more on traditional medicines and plants tend to have a longer life span than those who depend on orthodox medicines.
Would you rather start using these methods today and protect yourself from any form of diseases, so that you can have a longer life span, fight against aging syndromes, and be as alert as though you’re in your teens or remain on the chemicals, radioactive treatments, and surgeries so as to reduce your lifespan by over 75%?
It’s yours to decide today.

Let’s help you in case you are having any of the health issues mentioned above or any other not mentioned here.
Just send us an email to
You can Text/Call/WhatsApp +234 703 769 3593 to speak or chat with one of our consultants.

Pharmacist Ben Amodu Bags Lifetime Achievement Award

Pharmacist bags lifetime achievement award

Pharmacist Benjamin Amodu was recently conferred with Lifetime Achievement Award by the African Leadership Magazine.

Amodu has done research and developed drugs that can manage or cure a lot of sicknesses. Some of his drugs have gotten approval from the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC).

Speaking with Daily Sun, Amodu noted that knowledge is the fortress that protects mankind from the tyranny of ignorance adding that ignorance was the dagger that pierced the soul of truth.

“For a man to fight for freedom, then he must strive to know. For he that knows, understands the way to liberty in expressing what he wants. If the paths to freedom are blocked by the tyranny of force, at least he still has a say and he will always be heard. Thus, knowledge is the light of freedom and freedom is a child of justice for justice is a pendulum that swings the banner of truth. But for a man to move from one stage to the other, then the realities that formed his character in decisions and actions must move from the status of tolerance to the zeal of change.”

Benjamin Amodu is a name to behold, but the man Ben Amodu as known today is an episode in the page of Nigeria Pharmaceutical history. It may be a vain venture for one to try planting a tree where grasses do not grow. But here, we have a man who has grown whole forest of change in a field where change is conservatively static and social order is defined by primordial identity. His compromise in life goes beyond the fear of the unknown, rise above the conception of divinity and sometimes flow in the opposite direction of popular culture.

Saddened by the consequences of avoidable deaths in Nigeria as precipitated by the incidence of wasting diseases like cancer, diabetes, tuberculosis, ulcer, sickle cell anaemia, this man deprived his body to satisfy his mind. In the search for knowledge and in the practice of wisdom he faced the challenges of unusual contradictions, common only to those who seek the truth in form and order, drawing analysis on the way things appear and the way they really are. The character he bears in high value does not hang on him on temporary contest, but dwelled in him on permanent contract.

In the purity of his thoughts, the freedom of his imagination and the vindication of his conscience he found great fulfillment that transcends beyond mere judgement of material evaluation. To him, success does not lie in the judgement of the eyes but in the contentment of the soul. To a king who acquires much, same to a servant who has naught. He considers happiness as the soul of achievement, this he found in the dawn of his aspirations, when the light of fulfillment illuminates the path of his dream.

The story of Ben Amodu is that of prolific creative achievement, versatility and resourcefulness coated in absolute wonders and admirations. How else can you describe the life of this man who in the unquenchable thirst for experience is today an authority in the pharmaceutical, legal and administrative world? In calculated strides, this man combined all these with natural intelligence to carve a niche for himself in the circle of nation builders. You therefore cannot deny him the firm understanding of the legal implications of different policies and their effects on the civil service. His understanding of the political system in Nigeria tied to a solid understanding of the Nigeria healthcare delivery system and its component element and a very vast experience in the Federal Civil Service adds to his excellent understanding of the public sector rules and procedures in Nigeria.

With great number of strides in pharmaceutical research and development, Amodu can be said to be an enigma going by the landmark achievements in undertaking research in herbal treatments/management for HIV/AIDS, sickle cell anaemia, ulcer and tuberculosis, a treatment from food for lowering BP which has powerful libido enhancing effect and a powerful multi-herbal preparations for treating diabetes, including the management/treatment of the following diseases, malaria, menstrual irregularities/pain, menopausal symptoms, cancer, fibroid, hypertensions, diabetes, pain and all pains in associated diseases, diseases of unknown origin, general wellness; healthy state maintenance, stress, sleep disorder, low vision, vitality, prostate enlargement, anti-aging etc. all clinically certified by the National Institute of Pharmaceutical Research and Development (NIPRD).

It is worth noting that Amodu has developed 12 anti-cancer recipes and a malaria vaccine all with Nigeria’s origin with Igala indigenous herbal combinations which are undergoing the scientific analysis at National Institute of Pharmaceutical Research and Development, Idu, Abuja. A discovery that is getting global recognition, especially with the recent invitation by the World Health Organisation/African Network for Drugs and Diagnostic Innovation (ANDI) where he presented his scientific breakthrough at Addis-Ababa, Ethiopia.

I’ve malaria, cancer, HIV/AIDS cure — Pharmacist Ben Amodu

Barrister Ben Amodu, is a herbal farmer and a researcher, who owns a herbal farm in his hometown, Omala Local Government Area (LGA), Kogi state, has been into herbal research and farming for 30 years. In this interview with AJUMA EDWINA OGIRI and TOPE SUNDAY, the Industrial Pharmacy graduate, from Ahmadu Bello University (ABU), Zaria, talks on his research drugs that “can cure all diseases”, his international recognition and rejection by the Nigerian government.

WHO and SAABMAAL Malaria drug

In one of the panoramas on national television, I told them that I was going to modify one of my products called SAAB, to treat and cure Malaria. To live up to that expectation, I went ahead and did my local research, and today I have a one-day cure for Malaria, SAABMAL.

It is also a cure for typhoid. Not only that, it is an adjuvant in the treatment of cancer, sickle cell, arthritis and other diseases.

When we did the research and it was successful, we sent our publication to a United States based publisher, and this publisher without talking to us, leaked to the World Health Organisation (WHO) that there is a Nigerian who has developed a one-day cure to malaria.

WHO instantly became interested, obtained our abstract from the publisher, reviewed the abstract, approved of it and sponsored four of us to the United Nations (UN), to present this discovery. The entire presentation was reported and broadcasted on National television.

After broadcasting the discovery made by a Nigerian on the national television, no government official called me; the President of the country, the minister and the permanent secretary.

Yet, that time, Nigeria went to china to obtain artemisinin annua, a Chinese plant that has properties for the treatment of plasmodium falciparum; which is the main causative agent of malaria.

Land clearing alone by Nigerian government in preparation for the plant totalled N3.6 billion. Whereas, I sat down here, did a local research and discovered a material that can eradicate plasmodium falciparum from the human system at 97 percent.

No other malaria active ingredient has been discovered that has this power on malaria. Another thing it does asides curing malaria, is to prevent malaria.

Even the WHO vaccine, that is being tested now, can never come near SAABMAAL. As I speak to you today, SAABMAL has been registered in South Africa, we are just waiting to do clinical trial.

The Indian journal of medical research, which is over 140 years old, published my discovery of SAABMAAL. But Nigeria cannot stand up in the committee of nations to say that this is what our own person has discovered, even after it has got to this level, rather they pretend like nothing has happened.

They prefer to patronise those ones that have been rejected and abandoned in other countries. You push these abandoned medicines on a continuous basis. We want our own Nigerian medicine. We have our Nigerian medicine that can stand neck to neck with any medicine anywhere in the world, and even surpass them.

United State endorsement of SAAFAAT6

Some American scientists visited me and went to my laboratory to pick 10 of my products for cancer. The went to America and started the analysis. The analysis was to find out if my SAAFAAT6 could cure cancer of the colon.
They set up a test for it, and in the test, they saw that the medicine was doing well, and also discovered it could cure cancer of the lungs. At the end of the test, the medicine came out 89 per cent effective in the cure of both cancers.

They did not stop there; this discovery was presented to a gathering of over 18,000 American scientists. SAAFAAT6 was presented as a lead discovery. And for the first time in the world, a food material could be referred to as a chemotherapeutic agent.

The reaction it gave in those cancers, especially cancer of the lungs, made them to refer to it as a chemotherapeutic agent in the report.

As a result of this cure of cancer of the lungs, we now have cure for asthma.

There is nowhere in the world that asthma can be cured, but as I speak to you right now, I cure asthma one hand, because asthma is a disease of the lungs.

Cancer of the lungs is the highest disease of the lungs. Asthma becomes small in the presence of cancer of the lungs. So, when we combine SAABMAL and SAABFAT6 we cure Asthma. There are so many asthma patients that I have cured.

When this government came in, I wrote a letter informing the minister of science and technology of our discoveries, only to hear that Nigeria wants to manufacture pencil in the year 2018. What is the comparative advantage we will have in the manufacturing of pencil?

Cancer of the lung, cancer of the colon and cancer of the breast, this is how they rank them in the world. 1.8 million people get cancer of the lungs and cancer of the colon annually, and the mortality rate is 1.6 million. This is why they started the analysis with these two cancers.

As God will have it, a Nigerian has discovered a product that deals with the two most dangerous cancers in the world, and the Nigerian government does not seem to do anything about it, rather they look the other way.
I was given an award in 2012 as African researcher of the year, in Arab hotel, Dubai, for my singular discovery for the cure of hepatitis A,B,C,D, E and F.

Politics and importation of herbal drugs

You can easily link politics and importation of herbal drugs. Is money for malaria not coming? Unknown to them, those monies are being monitored. They were stolen and traced to officials’ accounts in England.
We are in an international environment, so those things will continue to play; other countries will continue to bring their goods, whether good or bad.

There is a market for herbal medicine in the world; about $100 billion, and we will be a major player. But because of the lukewarm attitude of our people, we have not been able to benefit anything. They will continue to import from all those countries because people’s interest varies.

If we work hand in hand, the consumer who wants to buy will find out the potency, and once he knows it is potent, he will abandon the Chinese medicine and buy the one that will give him benefit for his money.

Most of my products have 70 per cent effectiveness, either in blood pressure, diabetes, cancer among others. I don’t do it with quacks, I do it with the Nigeria Institute for Pharmaceutical Research and Development (NIPRD).
NIPRD is a WHO herbal medicine centre of excellence. So, you can now understand why we are following WHO guidelines.

I also have herbal drug that can cure HIV/AIDS. As a scientist, I don’t want to shout yet until the volume is large. My salad materials which I worked on can revive and bring a HIV/AIDS patient, who is in a critical condition, back to life. A lot of people are also maintained on my Blood Pressure (BP) drugs and they are doing very well.

Research focus

My research is communicable diseases, which deals with HIV/AIDS, hepatitis and tuberculosis. The second branch is non-communicable diseases, which are diseases that we must grow into as we age, and they include: cardiovascular diseases exemplified by high triglycerides, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke, chronic kidney disease, cancer, athsma, arthritis and ulcer.

These diseases are the number one cause of death in the entire world. According to 2008 WHO result, 51million people died all over the world and 36 million of the deaths is due to non-communicable diseases.

Yet, we have the solution for all the communicable and non-communicable diseases, have we not captured the world?
With the far-reaching research we have done, we have been able to tame and cure diabetes and high blood pressure.
There are a number of staphylococcus patients I have cured. Staphylococcus, you know, has no cure in the world. In fact, the government of UK said they needed $100 trillion to discover the treatment for staphylococcus.


I do not diagnose anybody. My job as a pharmacist, is to ensure a doctor must have seen patient and put the patient on certain medications.

If those medications are not working and the patient comes to me I ask for the patient’s medical report before I give medication. I do not condemn the doctor’s prescription; the patient uses my drugs along with the doctors’ and there are no side effects.

If he or she notices the general weakness of the body he used to have has disappeared or the sugar level has normalised after he started combining with my drugs, then I will tell him to drop the other drugs.

Advice for government

Nigeria has serious health crisis, and look at our population; very big, over 170 million. My advice for the government is that we are open to the treatment of communicable diseases, which can be used to diversify the economy, and we are willing to partner with government to achieve the diversification with our products.
Most of the things we are doing have been pre-reviewed, and is in line with scientific principles of best practices. So, there is nothing we are doing here that is not in line with best practices.

I Have Cured Three Cases of HIV/AIDS, Working on 200 Patients – Benjamin Amodu

Benjamin Amodu is a Pharmacist and a herbal researcher of over 30 years experience. He specialised in communicable and non-communicable diseases which are the leading causes of human death globally. Recently he spoke with Samuel Oyejola and Chigozie Effe of Time Nigeria as he bears his mind on the development of herbal medicine in Nigeria, he said “Phytomedicine is the new frontiers-Pharm”. Excerpts

Why did you specialize in communicable and non-communicable diseases?

Using the World Health Organisation standard in 2008 alone, 57 million people died and 36 million of that is through non-communicable diseases, that is why we are into those areas. Our products today that have been listed by National Agency for Foods, Drugs, Administration, and Control (NAFDAC) and can deal with this ill health beyond human imagination.

How come, as a man of many parts yet you decided to focus on Phytomedicine?

When God has bestowed certain things in people, it is the same God that realize them to realized it and make use of it. I graduated from the Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria in the 80s as an Industrial Pharmacist. Meaning I want to set up my own pharmaceutical company. Having worked in Dodan Barracks as the Head of the Clinic for Mr. President, and having served over six Presidents of Nigeria as the Head of Pharmacy Department. I can recall one day the President could not sleep and the ADC called me late midnight. I have to go to Obalende to get herbal medicine. Within five minutes the ADC to the President called me to commend me.

While in Lagos I enrolled myself in the University of Lagos where I graduated from the university with Masters in Financial Management. When we were told to go Abuja in 1991, I said instead of playing around I will read Law and by 2002 I was called to law school, I did exams passed and called to the bar.

The research I have done on herbal medicine while I was in Lagos, I dusted it and took it to National Institute of Pharmaceutical Research and Development (NIPRID) because I don’t work with quacks. They did the test and we got the same result they got in Lagos. That was how I started and came about law, how I started as a Pharmacist.

You have bagged awards across the world, what is your driving force?

I sit here and I am given several awards. Some of them I attend some I couldn’t attend.

You seem not to talk more about your discoveries, why?

Maybe we are researching and we are not talking much. It is now that these research products are now available for commercialization and it is now your social responsibility to take it wide as possible so that the government who has lukewarm attitude to some of this information, either government does it or the sufferer would go to the root to get himself treated.

What has been the relationship of the government with your exploits?

You are talking of relationship. We are in a third world country. It is over 44 years ago that the World Health Organisation (WHO) went all over the world to find out how do people treat themselves when they are sick and they discovered that over 80% of them depended on their folklore herbal medicines. That is why the WHO asked all the continents of the world to subject them to only two test. The first one- are they toxic for human consumption? Are they stable enough to be formulated into medicine then they should go ahead. The almighty efficacy the WHO did not even talk about it.

The over 1000 medicine that are derived from plants come from their folklore uses. In fact 75% of those medicines correlate directly with the folklore uses of these plants. It is the need to mass produce these products that science went into the laboratories to study the structures of these medicines and in an attempt to get their structures that they made mistakes and it is that mistakes that brought about side effects. Now science has realized and they want to go back to the basis. This is the new frontiers now.

We have various herbal practitioners what is your relationship with them?

When we meet in meetings we relate. Even NAFDAC having seen my products called me as a facilitator to mentor them, and encourage them to volunteer their product for due process. If it passes the due process it will be accepted globally just as mine is being accepted globally.

You can imagine one of my products was taken abroad and was found to cure two cancers. Cancer of the lungs and cancer of the colon, and the third one is cancer of the breast. These three are the main killer cancers of the world. Their incidences are now 1.8million every year and 1.6 of them die every year according to WHO. Yet you have something from Nigeria that can take care of the three.
As I speak with you, how is cancer treated in the world? It is either through surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. This is the first time in the world when cancer can be melted without these three methods. Today if you take five of this combination with plenty water and time yourself for 15 days the stone gets melted without anybody touching you. What huge money will you be making internationally? Will it be compare to the unit cost of petroleum in the international market?

What is the level of WHO and related organizations in your products?

WHO and those people will not foolishly out of their own accept what you are doing. There is a lot of politics involved. For instance my Saabmal for treating malaria was sent for publication in the international journal in the US and the US guy leaked it to the WHO that there is a guy in Nigeria who has gotten a cure for malaria in Nigeria and he gave them my abstract without even talking to me. WHO accepted, evaluated it and they sponsored me to the US to present at the UN.

The video was brought to Nigeria and played here, the DG of the pharmaceutical research praised it and a member of the National Assembly praised it too. But the kind of country you are who are just waiting for the white to discover and bring it they pretended they did not see anything, and that is the product we are still using till date.

The one they brought from China and the land clearing did for 3.6 billion for Atemeta annual from China and they say it has the highest yield more than China where it came from. What have you heard from it in the last three years? Where are the drugs made from it? While they were doing that I was doing this research and I got something that has 97% effectiveness against the causative agent for malaria?

What is responsible for this?

We are in a third world country we do not believe in ourselves. Some people take money from the multinationals so as to suppress the progress of their own country and what we can do is to popularize that these things are working and we as a people we get to know.

If you as a journalist are doing your own work of circulating this information wide by the time people start deserting doctors a lot of things will happen.

Have you recorded any case of HIV being cured?

We have three cases and as a scientist I will not make noise about them until I have a good population like in 1000. I have about 200 and I will get there. At this point what the entire world wants about HIV AIDS is for those people to be on treatment to be able to go to their work, sickness free and be able to maintain themselves. If they are taking my drugs they can take antiretroviral if they like because there are no drug-food interaction with the people I have managed so far. My drugs have an advantage in HIVAIDS.

A patient might walk up to the hospital and said he has HIVAIDS and may be very weak they will take his blood and his CD forcant can be as low as, the hospital will say it is too low that they cannot deal with it. Most of these patients die because they cannot help themselves but I have treated CDforcant for as low as 50 and my products have been able to manage them quickly to 600.

Are your HIV/AIDS drugs cost effective?

In HIV we can agree because they take up to five to six combinations which do magical within a week of taking. For instance I have one that open the appetite in the very sick within two days of use. Once a sick person start taken food cure has come. We tested it at the national hospital.

What does the future holds for phytomedicine in Nigeria?

The minister of education has been here, he has brought me patients and I cure them he said he will personally talk to the president and I don’t know why that has not happened yet. That is to show you what happens in our country. But as many more people are getting to know something will happen. I am very positive that something will happen.

For instance I have a herbal Truvudal. What does it do? It means when you take it and you meet with a woman who has HIV you don’t pack it? That means it is a vaccine that can prevent HIVAIDS. I am working with a group in China that is working on my Zika vaccine and Zika cure to test this HIV vaccine. Up to last night on the internet there is nothing like HIV vaccine. When that one comes we will not say we have the cure it will come. Until we have the requisite number we will not make any proclamation so don’t even talk about the cure. We what we have, we can manage HIVAIDS now.

Is there any collaboration with other researchers on HIV/AIDS?

These are people that know it all. Everybody is working at his level.

What is your advice to the government?

Nigeria is great with our herbal resources which is right now available we can use it to diversify the economy instead of waiting for some grasses to come from Brazil or elsewhere. We have readily available products that can be used to diversify in partnership with the Nigeria government in the area like the cure for asthmas, hemorrhoid, kidney stone, and hepatitis.

My research shows that over 2billion population of the world shows that is affected by hepatitis A to E with B and C being the most popular, and we have reports everywhere that my drugs cure it. Countries relate with each other on the basis of comparative advantage why can’t we do that with these products?