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Here Is A Disease Responsible For Infertility In Men – Spermatorrhea

28 Jan

Here Is A Disease Responsible For Infertility In Men – Spermatorrhea

Here Is A Disease Responsible For Infertility In Men – Spermatorrhea

Hi Friends, in the coming days, I shall be discussing a few common diseases that affects reproduction in men, the symptoms, causes, and of course natural remedies to handle it.

Let’s start with SPERMATORRHEA (NocturnaI Emission)


It starts with an involuntary loss of semen, without orgasm, often while asleep.


The male generative organs, the testes, must remain somewhat cooler than body temperature.  

When they become overheated (by taking a hot tub bath), a release of sperm will be made in the night; since that particular supply of sperm has become damaged and must be eliminated from the body.

If you sleep too warmly at night, due to an electric sleeping blanket set on high, the overheated testicles will eject sperm the next day.

Another cause is visual or thought sexual stimulation. A poor diet is another cause.


A low-protein diet, free from the use of eggs, may prove of benefit.

Other Ways Include:

BASIC – Graduated cold applications to improve general conditions.

GENERAL NERVOUS IRRITABILITY – Prolonged Neutral Bath at night.

IRRITABLE PROSTATE, IRRITABLE URETHRA – Prolonged Neutral sitz Bath, 30 – 60 minutes, at bedtime. Revulsive Douche to perineum with little pressure, Tepid Colonic at 80 degrees F.

RELAXED EJACULATORY DUCTS – Rubbing Cold Sitz Bath. Cold or alternate hot and cold Colonic. Cold Douche to feet and legs, Cold percussion Douche to lower spine.

Bowels must be kept regular by the cool Enema, if necessary, And proper diet. An aseptic dietary is essential. Condiments must be strictIy avoided.


When losses are frequent or parts irritable, avoid Cold Sitz Baths and prolonged Hot Baths.


Finally on this, it is still important to state that no ailment as a matter of fact should be seen as an end point to life’s existence. The body has all it takes to naturally cure any disease. Nonetheless, it must always be serviced to have that capacity to heal itself. Hence there is the need to always feed on natural foods.

The advantages are way far from the disadvantages.

Here, at Halamin Herbal Center, we take pride in helping people treat these diseases and many others using our purely concocted herbal mixtures. No additives, No side effects, no abnormal experience that will affect daily lives.

Some of the diseases our Halamin Herbal Capsules cure include but not limited to;

  • Hepatitis,
  • All Forms of Cancer & Prostate,
  • All Sexually Transmitted Diseases,
  • Diabetes,
  • Hypertension,
  • Arthritis,
  • Typhoid,
  • Malaria,
  • Allergies,
  • Asthma, & Breathing Difficulties,
  • Mouth Odor,
  • Breast Related Diseases,
  • Diarrhea,
  • Fatigue,
  • Gastrointestinal Track Infections, Ulcer
  • Cirrhosis of the Liver,
  • Kidney Infections,
  • Cramps & Fibroid,
  • Depression, Insomnia,
  • Weight gain/loss,
  • Hemorrhoids,
  • Hernia,
  • Lack of Menstruation,
  • Impotence, Weak Erection,
  • Leukemia,
  • Ovaritis,
  • Hyperactivity and many more.  

Besides, we try to educate on various health challenges/issues and how to treat it using alternative medicines.

Where necessary, you could either reach us through our various contacts here to get any of our products to treat your case in case you do not have all the time to go through these measures.

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Thanks for reading to the end. Enjoy your week and stay blessed.

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