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Your Health is Your Wealth | Halamin Herbal Centre

About Us

Halamin Herbal Center offers a wide range of Herbal & Health products and services to individuals and families. By seeking our sound natural health information, we believe you will be better able to identify your goals for a healthy lifestyle and make sound decisions, to help you reach these goals.

How We Work

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Our Mission

Our team of experts will continue to work tirelessly to ensure we stay up to date with the ever dynamic health situations across the globe using our best herbal supplements for the cure of diseases while we continue to work for the best of humanity.


In a country where trained pharmacists do little more than dispense drugs to patients, one of the few pharmacists braving high odds to manufacture NAFDAC-certified drugs is Pharm Ben Amodu and his team of researchers and partners.

The company’s factory is based in Abuja FCT. Nigeria where roots and leaves of plants are concocted through thorough researches and converted to granulated forms and packaged capsules, among them are DAABS, an anti-diabetes supplement; HAABS, for hypertension & stress; and SAAAB, for diseases ‘which result in nutrient losses due to infection. Others include SABMAL, DAABS2, SABFAT5, SABFAT6 & SABFAT7.

However, a combination of these drugs are tailored towards the cure of specific diseases ranging from HIV/AIDS, Cancers of all kinds, Hepatitis of all types, (Generally communicable and non-communicable diseases).

Halamin Herbal Products have since then been in use for the last 30 years, but limited to the few products which included SAABS, DAABS and HAABS until of recent (about 7 years ago) when approvals by NAFDAC were issued for the additional 5 products after due confirmation test conducted on these products to ascertain our claims.

This is to show our level of interest in researching continuously for the purpose of providing the best health services to mankind.

Dr. and Pharmacist, Benjamin Amodu FPSN, MNIM, PNM FCAI in the research, development and manufacture of African organic medicinal products used mostly, natural food materials indigenous to Nigeria and Africa in the preparation of Halamin Herbal products which has proven over the years from all spheres of life the natural ability to cure diseases of all kinds.

It is in view of this, we have the endorsement of NAFDAC & USFADA.

Our patients worldwide have been enjoying the tremendous relief of our drugs as most of them have avoided chemically induced treatments for their diseases. We are always there to advise our patients on natural remedies.

To get our products shipped to you in any part of the world, simply contact +234 703 769 3593 via calls, text or WhatsApp messages.

Our consultant will speak with you on the specific issues and recommendations will be made for the products to use. Where it becomes necessary to advise you for a further laboratory test or consulting with your physician, same will be made.

We are most interested in your health and ensuring you get well soon, not necessarily with our products. However, where it becomes necessary for our products, you will be advised same.

Details of our accounts will be sent to you and once payment is made and confirmed, the products will be shipped to you directly. Alternatively, you could send your representative to our office at Block 90, Flat 3 Opposite Karu Shopping Complex to pick it up for you.

Thank you as we hope to hear from you.